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Several years and much resistance later, the Catalyst Collection is here. Some people would say that is not something to include in the first sentence, but it's true, and we are humbly entering the online landscape knowing that there is much we still have to consider.


And that is why it was finally time to start this- because there are many ideas out there, and people who are interested, maybe even searching, but have not been introduced to them yet. Even now, we meet people every week who have been looking for support in their healthcare, specifically what we offer in the form of chiropractic care but didn't know that it could help or sometimes even what it can be for.


Here in this quaint corner of the internet, our team and others from the community will be sharing thoughts and information representative of their opinion and understanding at the time. This is intended to serve as a place where people may share their perspective, which we recognize as being just one of the views that exist, and not meant to be a comprehensive source of information.


We hope that you find value here and we are open to receiving comments and recommendations via email (info@catalysthealthstudio.com). Please note that any of the writing presented on this blog is simply an opinion of the author and does not reflect the opinions or scope of Catalyst Health Studio or chiropractic.


And the journey begins.

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